Cruelty Free Status

Cruelty Free Status

Any companies identified as cruelty free on this blog are done so after I have done my own research. I take no responsibility for the cruelty free status of any company at any given time, as company policies are subject to change without notice. I encourage everyone to do their own research, and contact companies for themselves. Any list on this website is not an exhaustive list of cruelty free companies, but merely a starting point. 

I have not contacted all of the companies that I discuss on this blog. Some of the companies I review have been certified by other sources that I trust, including but not limited to Leaping Bunny. Other companies are quite clear in their animal testing policies on their websites, and all my research doesn't suggest anything different from what they state.

One source I have found incredibly helpful is Logical Harmony. Their Cruelty-Free Company list can be found on their website, and all companies on that list have been and are periodically contacted by Logical Harmony. I encourage you to check out the website for yourself, for a more extensive list than the one on this website. The website link can be found in the "links" list on the main page.

Companies I have Personally Contacted

If I am in personal doubt about a company, or if I cannot find information from my other sources, I contact the company myself. I ask all of the companies I contact very specific questions, including (but not necessarily limited to):

1. Have your products been tested on animals at any point during the production, either by yourself OR by a third party?

2. Do your products contain any ingredients that have been tested on animals by yourself OR by a third party? 

3. If the answer to (2) above is "no", can you certify that the ingredients you use have never been tested on animals?

4. Do your products contain any animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients?

I also ask permission to post any responses publicly, whether it be here, Facebook, or Twitter. I believe that a company will be more inclined to answer honestly if they know that their response is going to be published on the internet.

I will be posting responses and communications from the various companies I contact from time to time as separate posts on this website.

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