May 07, 2015

Unite "Boing" for Curly Hair

At my hairdresser's shop a few weeks ago getting a trim, we got to talking about choosing cruelty free products, and the different brands she sells in her shop. I was very pleased to discover that almost all of the brands she sells are cruelty free. One such brand is Unite.

Always being on the hunt for new curly-hair friendly products, I went home with a bottle of "Boing" curling cream. Well, let me tell you, this product does NOT disappoint! My hair, while it *looks* like I get out of bed, shake my head and end up with this wild head of curls, actually takes some very precise product use and care to avoid looking like this:

I use a microfibre towel, and "plop" my hair down on it while it's still wet, but has been finger-combed. I let it sit for about five minutes or so, while I put lotion on, etc. Then, I put the Boing (I do love saying that!!) and scrunch it up. I mostly let my hair air dry, but I do use a diffuser in short bursts to "plump" up the curls and dry the front enough so that I can put a curl in the front part (long bangs, I have the worst cowlick that, left untreated, scares small children).

Boing is one of the best curly hair products I've found since I went cruelty free. It has a purplish colour, pleasant scent, and a creamy texture. Once your hair is dry, it is a teensy bit "crunchy" but not in a bad way, and all you have to do is hand-scrunch the curls, and the crunchiness is gone, but soft, frizz-free texture remains. And my hair smells delicious all day!

I don't remember the exact price I paid, but it was in what I think of as "normal" range for stylist-purchased hair products. I will buy this again, and I'm excited to try more of their product line!

Unite can be found here: or at your stylist's salon.